C.H.I.M.P.S.: Silent Night, Hairy Night

Story & characters © 12-2015 revised 11/29/18 by Joshua J. Weremonkey

This is the origins story of the C.H.I.M.P.S. secret agent series.

Characters in this story:

Jake Walker

Jimmy Wolfe

Ben Sawyer

Ryan Sharpe

Joey Leake

Lucas Edward Wilder

Joel Hunter

Kyle Franken

Nathan Winters

Jack Cook

Corey Waters

Mitchell Waters

Gavin Owen Devine

Satan Claws

Jake Walker had just returned from his school’s annual winter fest to his dormitory cabin. The cabins were similar to the rustic ones that you would find out in the wilderness. They were nothing at all like the commonplace, boring dorm room buildings they have on most campuses. The cabins were cozy and scattered around in a scenic, wooded area of the campus. Every student had a cabin they only shared with two or three other classmates. It was such a cool place to live.

Jake slipped out of his boots and tossed his heavy snowsuit he wore on his walk home on the floor of his dorm cabin in a ball. It was such a relief to stand there just in his black under armour boxers. Jake flipped his long strawberry blond hair back and collapsed on his bottom bunk bed sturdily made from knotty pine wood. He relaxed on his back against a plushy pillow propped up against the headboard. He slipped off his socks and got comfortable. He started thinking about the great day he had and all the free time ahead with the Christmas break.

After winter fest most of his fellow boarding school grade nine through twelve classmates headed home for Christmas break. Some of the students stayed on campus in the cabins while their parents were too busy or whatever. Jake was one of those who always stayed back at the dorm cabin. His parents worked a lot and were always busy with very little time for him. At least most of his best friends were staying on campus for Christmas break too.

Jake thought of his friends Jimmy Wolfe and Ben Sawyer from school and how much fun they had together that day at winter fest. They winged snowballs at each other and had all-out wars. Jake tried his best to get caught in the crossfire. One snowball would bean him upside the head and he would fall to the ground moaning as if mortally wounded. Jimmy and Ben cracked up laughing at him. Jake loved the times they got to goof off like today. He had become closest of friends with Jimmy and Ben. They were all in grade eleven and roommates.

Jake pulled on his headphones for some music. “Hmmm, what will I listen to?” Jake thought to himself. “Maybe some Muse. Knights Of Cydonia it is!” He was soon totally zoned out into the music when suddenly the door to the cabin flew open.

"Damn it looks like my alone time is over already. Jimmy and Ben must be back.“ Jake thought to himself as he pulled the comforter up over himself and looked up. Sure enough, there was Jimmy and Ben standing there covered in snow with wide grins on their faces.

"Looks we caught ya with your pants down again.” Jimmy laughed.

"You wish!“ Jake snorted.

"What are you gonna use that sock next to you on the bed for Jake?” Jimmy said while Ben giggled.

"Not for what your twisted minds are thinking! They are all wet from the snow so they are laundry bait.“ Jake explained then asked, "So what are you guys up to?”

"It’s getting dark out already and snowing like crazy so we will just hang out here tonight.“

"Yeah, it sucks when it gets dark so early.” Ben chimed in.

"Look what we scored!“ Jimmy said as he held up a bottle of vampire wine.

"Holy crap! That stuff will knock you on your ass.” Jake declared.

"That’s the plan. Let’s party!“

"Well let’s just have a glass each and save the rest. We will just pass out and waste the night sleeping if we drink it all.”

"Alright, party pooper. Guess you are right.“

"How about we play truth or dare?” Jake invited.

"Sounds great!“

Jimmy and Ben took off their boots and snow coats. Then Jimmy uncorked the vampire wine and then poured some into three glasses. They all sat down in a half-circle on the floor in front of the glow and warmth of the fireplace.

"I will ask first,” Jake announced.

"No fair. Don’t we have to spin a bottle or something?“ Jimmy replied.

"I asked to play truth or dare so my game my rules!”

"Jake you are gonna pay for this big time!“

"Jimmy, truth or dare!”

"I’m daring so, Dare!“

"Jimmy, put some of that snow stuck to the hood your coat in your underwear and keep it there until it completely melts.”

"Shit! No way!“

"C'mon daredevil! Ben, you do the honors and make sure that snow gets packed down in there good.”

"Ben you traitor!“

"Sorry Ben, but it is game on.” Ben laughed as he took all the snow he could grab from the hood of the coat and some that had dropped onto the carpet. He yanked open the front waist band of Jimmy’s jeans dropping the ice-cold snow right down inside his boxer shorts.

"Let me start my timer. Now where’s is that app on my phone? One minute starting hmm, NOW!“

"Jake you are taking your time on purpose. Oh my God, this is so freakin’ cold!”

Jimmy jumped up and wildly danced around. The freezing wetness from the snow melting inside of Jimmy’s shorts soon made its way down the inside of his legs.

"It is a scientific fact that cold is good for your balls Jimmy. You can Google it!“

"Not that cold you jerk off! Now you will pay!” Jimmy reached into his shorts and collected some of the still icy water then splashed his wet hands into Jake’s face. He then grabbed a towel and stuffed it into his pants to dry off.

“Ahhh that’s better.”

"Dammit, Jimmy that’s freakin’ gross not to mention cold!“

"Ha Ha! You deserved that! Okay, Jake truth or dare?”


"Jake, would you ever kiss another dude?”

"Ugh, I’m not gonna answer that. That’s a stupid question. You should know anyway. C'mon, gimme another question. Anything.“

"No, you gotta answer my question and truthfully! No wimping out with lame excuses.”

Jake took his time and thought hard about a reply to this as he took another sip of wine, “I like girls. Y'all know that.”

"Dammit Jake, you are NOT answering my question. Answer it truthfully right now!“

"If I keep drinking this wine, I cannot be held accountable for my actions. Is that a good enough answer for ya?”

"Whoa! See I knew it! The truth finally comes out.“

"Stop it, Jimmy. You know I have a girlfriend.”

"Yeah and here she is! Ha Ha!“ Jimmy laughed as he threw one of Jake’s socks at him. Then Jimmy stood up, ran his fingers back through his short blond hair with his arms up and pretended to strip dance while humming stripper music. "Da da da Da!”

"Oh my God Jimmy you are totally drunk. No more vampire wine for you!“

Ben whistled then rolled on the floor laughing as he watched his best friend Jimmy’s wild show. "You go, girl!”

Jimmy stopped and winked one of his dark brown eyes at Ben and said in his best female voice. “Your turn Benny boy. Truth or dare?”


"Ben take this banana and kiss it passionately for one minute.”

Ben tipped his head letting his light brown hair flop down, smooched the banana, peeled it, licked it and said, “Ohh baby! You are so curvy, tasty and full of vitamins.”

"Ha Ha! Don’t bite your lover!“

Ben bit down on the banana and half of it dropped on the floor as he broke out giggling hysterically. The vampire wine had claimed another victim.

"You ain’t goin’ anywhere near my banana Ben. No way. HAHA!”’

Ben could not last the whole minute as all three friends were rolling on the floor laughing.

"It’s your turn again Jimmy, truth or dare?“


"Jimmy, act like a monkey for one minute.“

"Okay but remember you dared me to do this Ben!”

Jimmy walked over to the fireplace and threw some snow on the fire to cool it down.

"Why did you do that Jimmy? It’s cold enough in here already.“ Jake said as he pulled his hoodie on and up over his head.

"We are good friends right Jake? Ben? I mean there are no secrets between us.”

"Yeah, of course, we are Jimmy.“

"You’re my best friend, Jimmy.” Ben added.

"I dosed the fire because well I get kinda hot when, I change.“

Jimmy took off his shirt and turned towards the fire. His face morphed as he began to grow fur everywhere like something out of Michael Jackson’s "Thriller” video. His nose flattened out into a snout and a tail sprouted from the base of his spine. He let out a squeaky chimp sound and turned around to face his friends Jake and Ben.

Jake gasped in fear as Ben freaked out and moved close to him. They held each other tight as their transformed friend began to speak.

"Please, guys don’t be scared of me. I will never hurt you. I’m still me just a weremonkey sometimes.“ Jimmy explained, "You see this Christmas there will be a full moon. The first in like 38 years. I needed to show you guys what happens to me, not just have me turn weremonkey out of the blue and freak you guys out even more.”

"How the hell do you get off being a freakin’ weremonkey?“ Ben screamed.

"It sucks it really does but I can’t hold my secret inside especially around my best friends any longer. Last Saturday night I was walking home by myself and I got jumped by something. It was fierce! It clawed and bit me. I think it was half werewolf and half-monkey. I heard howls and squeaks. It was awful. Since then I keep growing more hair and stuff when the moon appears at night. Now I’m this freak of nature and I can’t do anything about it.”

Jimmy started sobbing and dropped to his knees. Ben then Jake got up and walked over to their furry friend and gave him a much needed hug.

"It’s okay Jimmy we are your friends and will always be there for you.“ Jake encouraged.

"Always and forever,” Ben added.

Jimmy smiled broadly and hugged his friends back tightly. “I love you guys!”

"Hey now, don’t get the idea that we are gonna monkey around now!“ Ben joked as he started feeling comfortable again.

All three friends laughed. They now knew deep inside they could face anything together. Their friendship bond was strong and unconditional.


Jake peeked out through the blinds of the cabin.

"You guys the snow is halfway up the window now,” Jake announced.

"Doesn’t surprise me, Jake. Canadian winters ya know eh?“ Ben replied.

Jake grabbed his cell and said, "I’m gonna check the weather to see what’s up.”

"Hey, order us a pizza too. With sliced banana on top!“ Jimmy joked.

"Gross, Ha Ha! Would it be okay with only half of that banana grossness and half Philly cheesesteak?” Jake said as picked up his cell but there was no signal. “Well, this totally sucks. My cell is dead guys.”

Ben walked over to the window and looked out. “It’s a blizzard out there. There are no lights anywhere!”

The only light in the cabin was from a few candles and the glow of the fireplace. Jimmy reached over for the remote to click on the TV. “The TV won’t come on either.”

Ben flicked a light switch on the wall to no avail. “Guys, I’m scared.”

"It’s going to be okay Ben. We have plenty of wood in the shed for a fire and plenty of candles it looks like. There is plenty of food here too.“ Jimmy said to comfort Ben as he started to munch on a few Christmas hard candies. "Plus I can think of a lotta fun stuff we can do while we wait the storm out can’t you, Ben?”

"Hell yes!“ Ben replied with excitement.

"Geesh, you guys. I’m going to get some firewood from the shed.” Jake said.

"Do you want some help with your umm wood Jake?“ Jimmy laughed.

"In your dreams Jimmy! Anyway, I’m outta here. Gotta go to the commode cabin to pee.”

"You gonna need a hand over at the commode there bud?“ Jimmy asked grinning away with his hand moving back and forth making a loose fist.

Jake smiled back. "No, I think I can handle it this time, thanks.”

"Don’t forget your little friend.“ Ben giggled as he threw one of Jake’s socks at him.

"You keep it so you can tie it on the door handle so I won’t walk in on anything gross.” Jake laughed as he threw the sock back.

"You wish!“ Jimmy said.


After Jake left, Jimmy and Ben kept each other entertained by wrestling with each other. Jimmy had a lot of energy and used his wild weremonkey moves to tackle Ben.

"I’m never gonna pin you, Jimmy.” Ben conceded and said, “You are too good!”

"Guess that’s one plus about being part weremonkey.“

Ben looked closely at Jimmy’s face and ran his fingers over the fur. "Hey, your fur is nice and soft Jimmy.”

"It’s so different for me Ben. I’m having a hard time getting used to it all.“

"It’s okay. It’s totally cool I think.”

Jimmy smiled at his friend's display of acceptance. “Thanks, Ben. You are the best friend ever.”


Since his fever was subsiding, Jimmy was slowly returning to normal. The boy was back and the weremonkey in him was gone. Jimmy and Ben both started to become very concerned as to why their friend wasn’t back yet.

"Wonder what’s keeping Jake?“ Jimmy wondered.

"How long has it been?”

"Longer than it should take that’s for sure. Let’s go look for him.“

Jimmy and Ben quickly got dressed and headed outside. The door hardly opened with all the snow piling up.

"This storm is getting really bad,” Ben commented.

"Jake must have really had to go.“ Jimmy said attempting to hide his growing concern for his friend by making light of the situation.

Jimmy and Ben braved the fierce winds of the blizzard and made their way towards the commode. It was only a few hundred yards on a normal day but it seemed like miles away in this storm.

"Looks like he has been here. I see his boot tracks. They are almost covered already.” Jimmy stated.

"There’s the woodshed. I see footprints coming from there too but they are humongous. No way they are Jake’s.“ Ben observed.

Jimmy and Ben walked up the steps together, opened the door to the commode cabin and stepped inside. They saw Jake cowered down on the floor next to the sinks shaking and sobbing. There was also some blood on his face and clothes.

"Oh my God Jake, what happened?” Jimmy asked with grave concern.

"L-l-o-o-k over there,“ Jake said while pointing around the corner towards the stalls.

Jimmy peeked around and his eyes and mouth opened wide. Ben looked and saw their friend from school Mitchell Waters. His nude, mangled and bloody body was laying there on the floor under the shower.

"Oh my God!” Jimmy screamed out.

Jimmy closed his eyes, swallowed hard and walked over to Jake who was ice cold and could not stop shaking. Ben knealed down beside Jake and put his arm around him. Meanwhile, Jimmy grabbed a blanket from the storage closet and covered Mitchell’s body with it.

"When I came in here, I saw Mitchell dead on the floor there. It was horrible." Jake explained as he looked at Jimmy. “Where did all your fur go Jimmy?”

"It’s gone with the fever. You guys, we gotta get out of here right now.“

Jimmy helped Jake to his feet. Jimmy handed Ben another blanket and he wrapped it around Jake. They left the commode building fast as they could get through the ever deepening snow.

They walked back to the cabin. The snow was blinding and the wind almost blew them off their feet. Ben looked up for a second and saw what looked like a lantern a few feet ahead.

"Oh no, that’s the killer.” Ben frightfully announced as he pointed towards the light.

"I sure could use my weremonkey skills now when I need it the most. Let’s get the hell out of here!“

"Oh no, whoever, whatever that is, they are almost here. It must see us!” Ben said as he began to shake more from fear than the bitter cold.

A faint voice almost undetectable through the wind called out, “Hey guys, it’s me, Kyle!” Soon they could see their friend Kyle Franken holding a lantern. “We wondered where you guys went. We are all at the pool house waiting out this storm.”

"What’s wrong?“ Kyle asked as he noticed the look of sheer terror in his friend's faces.

"Mitchell Waters is dead. Killed in the shower.” Jake told Kyle.

Suddenly everything changed. It got deathly quiet. The howl of the snowstorm was replaced by an eerie tune being sung to the melody of “Santa Claus Is Coming To Town.”

You better watch out!

You better close your eyes.

Better not doubt

'cause you’re going to die.

Santa’s Claws are coming to KILL!

He’s making a list.

Hacking you twice.

Gonna slice you up really nice.

Santa’s Claws are coming to KILL!

He slays you when you’re sleeping.

He slings arrows when you’re awake.

He knows if you taste good as food.

He is evil for evil’s sake!

O! You better watch out!

You better close your eyes.

Better not doubt

'cause you’re going to die.

Santa’s Claws are coming to KILL!

Santa’s Claws are coming to KILL!

Jake, Jimmy, and Ben could not believe their ears. Soon they saw a large dark, reddish figure holding a crossbow in the darkness of the snow. It was too late for them to warn their friend Kyle what was creeping up behind him.

"What the? AHHHOUCH!!“ Kyle screamed out in agony. Jimmy and Ben watched in horror as a slew of arrows flew out of the white darkness of the blizzard one piercing solidly into Kyle’s left shoulder blade. He made a vain attempt to climb up into an old sugar maple tree to escape the onslaught but another arrow pinned his right hand into the bark of the tree. Soon his young life was over when thunk an arrow hit Kyle squarely in the temple. The light quickly faded from Kyle’s brown eyes.

"Oh my God NOO!” screamed Jimmy as he raced away with his friends aimlessly into the blinding snow.


Jake, Jimmy, and Ben continued to run around almost blindly in the fierce storm. Luckily, they soon ran right up to the front glass door of the pool house and scampered inside. The pool building still had power on from the emergency generators. There were a few guys swimming and passing the time as they too were trapped by the blizzard.

Jimmy hastily locked the door and yelled out, “There’s a killer after us!”

"He killed Mitchell and Kyle already and is after us!“

The guys in the pool just laughed and went about their fun.

"I’m dead serious guys. There is a killer!” Jimmy pleaded.

"There is and he’s coming this way!“ Jake added.

"Ya right and I’m Marilyn Manson.” one of the guys Jack Cook rudely responded as he dove back into the pool.

"I give up!“ Jimmy said as he went and made sure the doors were locked.

Jake stood next to the pool when one of the guys swam next to him.

"What’s your name?”

"Jake Walker.“

"That’s a cool name. I’m Ryan Sharp.”

"Cool to meet you, Ryan.“

"Cool to meet you too Jake. What’s all this about a killer?”

"Some dude dressed in a Santa suit killed two of our friends out there. No one in here believes us.“

"You sure they were not playing a prank on you guys? They do that crap all the time and put it up on YouTube.”

"If it was a prank it sure seemed real.“ Jake said as he started to doubt if what happened was indeed a prank or an illusion created by way too much vampire wine.

"I’m sure we will be safe in here. All the guys in here would easily take out this Santa punk anyway. Plus I saw your friend lock the door. Come on in and swim. It’s so much more nice and warm in here than out there where you are just gonna freeze your nads off.”

"I don’t have any swim shorts.“

Ryan boldly took off his shorts under the water and threw them up at Jake’s face splashing his face with water. "Neither do I now, c'mon in!” Ryan beckoned.

Ryan had dark hair and deep black eyes that strangely drew Jake under his spell. Jake took his shirt and jeans off then climbed down into the pool in just his under armours.

"Hey, no fair! Off with those too.“

"Umm okay,” Jake said as he slid off his under armours and threw them by the side of the pool.

"That feels better right?“

"Oh, hells yeah!”

Jake and Ryan swam around and talked for a while getting to know each other. Meanwhile Jimmy and Ben came upon a kid who looked young even for a freshman sitting by the side of the pool who seemed very sad. Jimmy and Ben sat down next to him.

"Are you okay?“ Jimmy asked the kid.

"Yeah, I’m okay I guess. The older guys pay no attention to me. It’s not much fun here.”

"That sucks. Hi, I’m Jimmy.“

Jimmy extended his right hand to shake the kid's hand.

"This is my friend Ben.”

"Hey.“ Ben greeted the kid.

"My name is Nathan Winters. Thanks for talking to me.”

"Glad to talk to you.“ Ben said.

"Can Ummm, I ask you guys something?” Nathan asked as his beautiful deep blue eyes shined brightly.

"Sure!“ Jimmy said.

"See those two guys in the pool over there?”

"Yeah, that’s our friend Jake and Ummm Ryan right?“

"No not those two, the two blond ones over there. Well one of them, his name is Corey Waters. I like him a lot. The guy he is with is a cocky, rich jerk his name is Jack Cook. He’s the one with the gigantic hickey on his neck from his girlfriend Diane. I went over to talk to Corey and Jack said like you could ever hang with us little boy. Then he yanked down my swim trunks in front of everyone and laughed.”

"That’s awful. Sorry dude.“ Ben said, "He’d be lucky to have you as a friend.”

"Thanks.“ Nathan smiled broadly at Ben.


Jimmy left Ben so he could keep hanging out and comforting Nathan. He walked into the shower room. He knew a shower would feel so perfect right now. Jimmy peeled off his clothes and turned on the showerhead. The warm water felt so incredible flowing over his body. Jimmy had little time to enjoy the shower as emergency lights began to flicker. He was jolted back to reality and his heart began to race.

Suddenly, Jimmy heard the sound of glass breaking. He turned around and saw a large form take shape as he rubbed the soapy water from his eyes. Standing in the shower room with him was a thing wearing a bright red Santa suit and disguised in a hideous mask or was the mask its face?

"HO! HO! HO!” The evil Santa muttered as it reached into a backpack. This backpack was not loaded with toys as Jimmy feared and he was correct.

Soon a huge crossbow glistened in the steam of the shower with its razor-sharp arrow ready to fly. Jimmy froze and closed his eyes.

"HO! HO! HO!“ the thing yelled out in pure glee.

Jimmy’s survival instincts kicked in and he dashed away butt naked out into the pool room.

"Help! Somebody HELP!!” Jimmy screamed as he slipped on the slick pool tiles and landed smack on his bare bottom.

Jack saw Jimmy fall. He laughed and shouted, “Look, everyone. A streaker with a lil pecker. HA! HA!”

Jimmy did not even acknowledge the insult. He was far too busy scrambling to get up off the floor only to keep slipping as the killer was closing ground fast.

Jake heard Jimmy’s screams for help and jumped out of the pool with Ben following close behind.

"HO! HO! HO!“ The sinister Santa stopped and spied a multitude of new targets.

The killer reached into his backpack and grabbed a large candy cane made into a rifle type weapon. The killer took aim at Jack and Corey who were oblivious to the goings-on.

A loud ping sound was made as a Christmas ornament shaped ball flew out of the gun and struck Jack right in the center of his chest.

Jack looked down at the red and green colored dye and laughed. "Paintball, how lame!”

Suddenly the dye on Jack’s chest turned into several dozen small but hungry red and green spiders all with sharp fangs. They soon drilled deeply into Jack’s chest. He splashed around helplessly in the pool while screaming out in agony. Corey looked on in horror as Jack’s eyes went still as he sank into the depths of the pool.

"HO! HO! HO!“ The killer merrily chanted as he pinged out another ball of death towards Corey.

Corey tried to swim away but it was too late. He was struck directly in the forehead with blue paint. He looked up as a sharp pain entered his brain. The blue paint had morphed into a sharp arrow. Corey’s eyes crossed as he looked up at the long shaft sticking out from his forehead.

Nathan watched as Corey sank into the pool water. He bravely swam out to help his friend.

"NO Nathan don’t!” Ben yelled out.

It was too late. Another ball of death struck Nathan in the side of his neck. It was another blue ball and soon the arrow shaft appeared straight through Nathan’s neck. Luckily the arrow made quick work of Nathan. He gurgled once then sank into the pool on top of his friend Corey’s body.

It took all Jake and Jimmy’s might to hold Ben back from jumping into the pool to help his new friend Nathan. Tears streamed down Ben’s face. Jake, Jimmy, and Ryan grabbed hold of Ben as they quickly put on whatever clothes were close by and ran out the door of the pool room back out into the blizzard. They heard the sinister “HO! HO! HO!” right behind them.


Jimmy and Ben ran out into the howling winds of the blizzard with the killer most surely close behind. They soon ran up to a nearby cabin. Jimmy, Jake, and Ben noticed Ryan was no longer with them.

"Where did Ryan go?“ asked Jake.

"Ryan! Ryan!” Jake called out for his new friend.

"Shhh, the killer will find us!“ Jimmy warned.

"But we can’t leave him out here!”

"We can’t find him in this. We gotta get inside.“

Jimmy quickly locked the cabin door and moved a heavy oak dresser up against it. The cabin was pitch dark. The three friends stared blankly at each other. At first, too scared out of their minds to speak.

"We have to stay here for now and hope the killer does not find us. Then maybe after the storm, we can escape.” Jimmy plotted. “Let’s not light any candles or a fire. It will see and find us.”

"It’s so cold in here. We’ll freeze.“ Ben said as his teeth chattered.

"Let’s huddle up together under the blankets to keep warm,” Jimmy suggested. “Our body heat will keep us warm.”

"Okay.“ Ben agreed as he crawled under the blanket between Jimmy and Jake.

"We should take turns staying awake to watch for the killer and for, Ryan.” Jake said with a sad tone in his voice.

"I’ll take the first watch. You guys get some zzz’s.“ Jimmy suggested.

Jimmy tried his best to stay awake but his stressed mind eventually surrendered to fatigue. Soon all three friends were all fast asleep.


Suddenly a loud crash jolted them out of their sleep.

"What was that?” Jimmy screamed.

A window was smashed and the killer Santa was crawling in with crossbow in his hand. Jimmy jumped up.

"I’m so sorry guys. I fell asleep.“

"It’s okay Jimmy. He would have eventually found us.” Jake said holding Ben who was now paralyzed with fear.

Jimmy became an incredible sight as the anger inside turned him full weremonkey ready to defend his friends to the death. He managed to grab onto a hockey stick and smashed the killer in the knee with it. The killer just let out a hearty “Ho! Ho! Ho! That’s a No-No!” and started zeroing in his crossbow at Jimmy.

Jake jumped up to help Jimmy but the killer shoved him backward. Jake struck his head on the side of the oak dresser and was knocked out. The killer then snarled at Jimmy.

Suddenly a werewolf stomped into the cabin. It was the same one that attacked Jimmy and turned him. The werewolf jumped on top of Jimmy and started clawing at him. Jimmy unleashed a deafening SCREECH! The sound hurt the beast's ears so much that it quickly bolted out of the cabin on all fours. Jimmy had discovered another power in his weremonkey arsenal.

Jimmy quickly jumped in front of Ben and Jake to protect them. The killer was grinning evilly over the three friends. He just stood there gripping his blood-soaked crossbow savoring his twisted moments of triumph.

The evil Santa reached into his red velvet sack and pulled out a bow saw. He began to swing the jagged blade at the friends. Jimmy positioned himself directly in front of his friends to protect them. The killer speedily lurched forward to Jimmy’s surprise and the sharp saw blade sank deep into his left arm which he held out to protect himself. Jimmy still somehow managed to crawl back and shield both his friends with his body from the wrath of the saw blade. The murderous Santa struck Jimmy two more times, one on his right thigh the next across his back. Poor Jimmy was being skinned alive.

Jimmy knew that soon there would be little left of his body to save his friends so he sprang up towards the killer. “Run guys, Run!” Jimmy cried out in agonizing pain as he tried to pummel the killer.

Ben jumped up to help Jimmy but Jake pushed Ben back. Evil Santa grabbed one of the blood-soaked arrows that he used to end Kyle. He hand-delivered it into Jake’s chest straight into his heart. Jake fell to the floor curled up like a ball.

Jimmy screamed out, “NOOO!!”

The red-suited demon stared into Jimmy’s eyes ready to finish him off. Jimmy saw the blade go up. He did not see it come down. Jimmy quickly fell lifeless onto the cold wooden floor of the cabin.

On pure instinct, Ben stumbled towards the window. He wrapped a blanket around himself and slipped into Jimmy’s boots to save his bare feet from the unforgiving blizzard he was heading out into. Ben struggled to crawl through the broken window with tears caked on his cheeks and a terrible ache in his heart. There were shards of glass everywhere. In his panic, Ben tried to brush some glass away with his hands but was getting badly cut. Ben had his head out the window and just started to climb through when the menace came up from behind. The killer shoved the back of Ben’s head pushing his neck down onto a jagged piece of glass still firmly attached to the window pane. The last thing Ben saw was a snowflake that looked like a star.


Ryan got lost in the blinding snow but eventually managed to come upon the cabin. He stepped inside and sheer terror overtook him as he saw all his friends slain. Just as he turned to look away, the long shaft of a fire poker rammed into his ribs. His breathing labored as he looked into the eyes of his murderer.

"Ho! Ho! Ho!“ The sicko Santa wailed out in glee.

Ryan somehow managed to stumble back out the door into the blizzard. He soon dropped to a slow crawl. It may have been the loss of blood but he saw a young boy in a white robe with his arms wide open standing in front of him.

"Looks like the end for me. I am even seeing things.” Ryan thought to himself.

The killer stood to the back of Ryan ready to deliver a final blow with the fire poker. All of a sudden, he stopped dead in his tracks when he saw the pure light of the boy. The boy glared out at the murderous Santa and he froze instantly into solid ice.

Ryan looked up into the angelic face of the young boy. The boy placed his right hand over Ryan’s wound and it immediately healed.

"My name is Gavin Owen Devine.“ The boy spoke.

"Thanks for saving me.” Ryan explained and said, “That thing killed all my friends.”

"I know my child. I promise they were taken out of their bodies before they felt any pain. Now let us heal your friends.“

"You can heal them?” Ryan asked wondering why Gavin called him my child when this kid was a lot younger than he was.

Gavin took Ryan’s hand in his and shook his head yes. Gavin and Ryan floated above the snow to the pool house.

"Whoa, this is amazing!“ Ryan exclaimed.

When they got to the pool house, Gavin placed his hand over Nathan’s wound. Ryan watched in awe as a light beamed down from above. He was seeing his friend's soul going back into his body. Gavin healed everyone in the pool house even Jack Cook. Soon everyone was having fun again as if nothing ever happened. Nathan found himself standing next to Corey. They were talking and becoming friends. No one noticed Gavin or Ryan was there. They were invisible to their eyes. Ryan floated up with Gavin. They went to the shower where Gavin healed Mitchell.

"My work is done. Now I need you and your friends help to destroy this demon. I will give you the powers to heal your friends Jake, Jimmy, Ben, and Kyle. Also, you will behold a plan in your mind to rid the world of this evil. Believe me, I want to myself but it is not an allowed thing for us angels to do. You will each be granted a special power when needed you can use to defeat any form of evil. It has always been with you in your last names. Jimmy has already realized his power. Check out your teeth Ryan.”

"Wow, sharp!“ Ryan exclaimed as he touched his new fangs.

"Yes but only use your powers for good for they can be taken away as easily as they were given. Now back to your friends as the time is short for the power of Christmas is upon us.” Gavin looked deep into Ryan’s eyes as if he were looking into his soul and continued, “My child it is time for me to erase your memory of meeting me.”

"I wish you could let me remember you but understand. Thank you so much.“ Ryan said as he hugged Gavin. "We will meet again my child.”

Ryan felt an unconditional warmth and love in that hug that he never had felt before. It scared him at first but then found complete comfort. Gavin placed his left index finger on Ryan’s forehead and a bright light flashed into Ryan’s eyes. Gavin then stepped back and vanished into the snow. Ryan smiled and allowed the peace and happiness he received from his encounter with Gavin fill his heart.


After his heavenly encounter, Ryan found himself at the school science lab and somehow knew his mission. He quickly healed his friends Jake, Jimmy, and Ben. It was going to take a bit more to heal Kyle though. Kyle was laying butt naked as the day he was born on an operating table. Kyle’s skin had a green tint to it as if he had been dead too long. Ryan placed electrodes on each side of Kyle’s neck.

"IT’S ALIVVEEE!“ Screamed a blurry figure next to the operating table.

Kyle’s vision started to come into better focus and saw some crazy acting dude he did not know standing over him.

"My finest creation! Bah ha ha ha!”

"Where am I?“ Kyle sat up looking around the room more.

"You are home. I am Ryan Sharp, pleased to meet you. It took several shocks to awaken you.”

Ryan smiled showing off his sharp vampyre teeth.

"What the, am I in hell?“

"Oh, my teeth. We all have a special power now. This is mine! An evil Santa made a mess of you and we had to patch you up. We all had to be patched up.”

"Yikes! Where are my clothes?“

"No worries mate. You are with friends. See over there is some you should know.”

"Hey Kyle, Ryan’s teeth are so pretty don’t ya think?“ Jake added as Ryan smiled broadly back.

"Yeah nice and umm sharp.”

Kyle squinted and saw his friend Ben with some other dude on the sofa. The full moon was shining through the window on them.

"Okay there’s Ben and Jimmy but he is all fur. What the?“

"Yes, Kyle. Jimmy has well powers too so to speak. We brought you back to help us.” Ryan explained.

"Oh sweet! Kyle is fixed!“ Jimmy observed.

"Umm, yea like duh. Not that you noticed any of the light show of electric shocks over here trying to bring back your buddy Kyle. Too busy sticking your weremonkey tongue down Ben’s throat. Ha! Ha!” Ryan teased. Kyle meet Jimmy and Ben who you already know and that’s Jake Walker over at the controls.“

"Whoa. All this is wild!” Kyle replied.

Jimmy smiled back over at Ben. “Speaking of wild, let’s get back at it Benny boy. Ooo Ooo Ooo!” Jimmy squeaked as he took Ben into his hairy, loving arms. As they passionately kissed as Jimmy’s fur scratched Ben’s soft cheeks.

"I think you need a shave, Jimmy. Ha! Ha!“

Ryan slapped Jimmy on the back of his head and suggested, "Would you two get a room already?”

"Umm, maybe I could like get some clothes now Ryan?“ Kyle pleaded as he felt the chill of the room on his nude body.

"Okay, my bad. Doesn’t look like Jimmy is gonna be needing his clothes anytime soon with what they are doing plus with all that fur.”

Kyle put on Jimmy’s clothes which fit him surprisingly well. Kyle looked into the mirror. His skin still had a gross green tint to it.

"Why did you bring me back to life anyway? I will never be the same this way. All I am now is just a freakin’ FrankenKyle.“

"Don’t worry. You will eventually be back to how you were before but you can call up your new power when needed. Right now we need your strength to help us get payback on demon Santa. He’s gonna come down that chimney any second. You are super strong Kyle so hold him while I get the bite on him.” Ryan instructed Kyle.

"Yeah, he didn’t get me that Walking Dead video game I wanted.“ Jake said.

"This Santa is a demon and we will turn him into the Walking Santa! I hear reindeer on the roof! Here comes Santa! Ho! Ho! Santa’s such a Ho!” Ryan laughed.

"Okay, that sucker is goin’ down.“ Kyle snarled.”

"Jimmy! Ben! Get over here and help!“ Ryan demanded.

"Okay!” Jimmy and Ben ran over to help.

Santa turned out from the fireplace to see a vamp, weremonkey and FrankenKyle all ready to attack.

"Ho! Ho! Uh Oh!“ Demon Santa said.

"Yep, no milk and cookies for you. And no more blood and guts either!” Ryan yelled and stared deep into Demon Santa’s eyes. “Grab him FrankenKyle!”

"Okay, master.“ Kyle quickly crushed Santa’s chest with a wicked bear hug and he fell limp to the floor.

"Damn it FrankenKyle! You killed Santa!” Ryan laughed.

I’m sorry. Guess, I don’t know my own strength yet. Ha Ha!“ Kyle let out a monstrous chuckle as he was beginning to accept his new powers.

"Oh, good riddance to that fat, evil, old freak. Let’s see what gifts he brought us.” Ben said.

"I got a Walking Dead video game.“ Jake smiled.

"I got a gallon of fresh blood. Type A.” Ryan smiled.

“I got a spray can of silver bullet repellent!” Jimmy smiled.

"I got a lump of coal.“ Ben frowned. "Santa is so full of crap!”

Ben sang a song to the lump of coal and it turned into a shiny diamond. “See guys with my new power I can make my own present!”

"Very cool, Ben.“ Jimmy said.

"I wonder what my power will be?” Jake asked.

"Maybe you can be Sock Man. Ha Ha!“ Jimmy teased.

"Whatevs Jimmy.” Jake smiled and replied, “My power will be bigger than any of you guys. You will see!”

"I’ve seen your Ummm power. It ain’t all that big.“ Jimmy laughed.

Jake scowled and plucked some of Jimmy’s chest furs out.

"Owww what the ….?”

Both Jake and Ben laughed out loud and Jimmy tried to hide his weremonkey smile but soon was cracking up with his friends too.

"Uh oh guys look…demon Santa’s body is gone!“ Jimmy announced as he looked around the room.

"His dark magic must have saved him again.” Ryan frowned.

"Something tells me he will be back next Christmas.“ Ben said.

"Yeah, that’s no good. We better finish him off for good next year!”

Ryan added as they all got ready to sleep, “Merry Christmas to all and to all a good bite!”


Meanwhile, outside in the snowstorm, a werewolf picked up demon Santa’s red hat, suit, velvet bag and boots scampering away with them off into the snowy darkness of the woods.

The End