© Joshua J. Weremonkey


The wild cards are laying on the table.

My bet is that he's willing and able.

Curious game of chance we would be playing.

So, will the gambler fold or be staying?

When it is all there for the taking.

Thinking of all that I could be foresaking.



December days are too short.

Quickly rays of light abort.

Trees and grass seem dead.

Bringing on feelings of dread.

Melancholy thoughts are not rare.

Hearts with longing and despair.

Here comes the rising moon.

Dark comes way too soon.


The Charger

Plug it in, get some juice.

Check the wires are not loose.

The body requires a good charge.

For all parts small and large.


Groundhog's Lament

All comfy in my burrow,

At my home, Punxsutawney borough.

It's a fine groundhog dorm.

Safe from the snow storm.

Cold hands reach for me.

Please mister, leave me be!

Icy wind blows my fur.

Let go of me, brrr!

Yes, it's still winter season.

Sleep disturbed for no reason!


The Howling

Hike the cornfield after dark.

All alone hearing a bark.

Run fast along the rows.

Trip over the clumsy toes.

Fall down in a faceplant.

From behind comes a pant.

Pain laying in the mud.

Out pours all the blood.

Eyes glaze over and stare.

As a howling fills the air.


Fade Away

Friends that talked day and night.

Some keep pretending. Keeping it light.

Things were said. Things were done.

Taking away most of the fun.

Things can never be the same.

This sure is a real shame.

Friends come and friends will go.

This is meant to be so...


It's A Short Life

None of us are here for that long.

Treasure all the moments like a favorite song.

Don't get caught up with petty little things.

Kindness and empathy will help earn your wings.

Remember to forgive and forget until we part.

Live and love fully with all your heart.



When life's problems are getting you down

And you don't feel like being around,

Place these bad feelings in a box.

Make sure to attach many strong locks.

Try to help others with their issues.

Then you can put away your tissues.

You will get a good feeling inside.

While putting the feelings about yourself aside.


Closet Within A closet

Thought I had things figured out.

Searching inside, I began to doubt.

Exploring hidden parts not only gay,

Places wild curiosity leads me astray.

Strange thoughts that invade my mind.

Forbidden desires not all that refined.

In this, I cannot be alone.

Sexuality is not set in stone.

This I have come to posit.

In my closet within a closet.


Monkey See, Monkey Do

Monkey see.

Monkey do.

All I have seen,

What does it mean?

Normal, new and odd.

Quite the strange mod.

Mask covering the face.

Distancing from human race.

Into future from past.

Long may we last.

Monkey see.

Monkey do.



All true heroes wear masks,

Even when no one asks.

Batman, Spiderman and the Flash,

Against foes, they will clash.

The virus can be defeated.

Much death can be cheated.

Be a hero. It's easy.

Wearing a mask isn't cheesy.

Some scream, I have rights!

Wearing a mask really bites.

Thinking it's all a hoax,

Another one of those jokes.

Everyone must do their part.

Mask wearing is a start.


Choose Love

Whom I have chosen to love,

Was already destined from high above.

Can't toss me in the bin,

For love is not a sin.

Some will say this isn't so.

Point to a bible shouting no!

Are their minds simply weak inside,

Or themselves have something to hide?



I am from outer space,

Wearing a silly monkey face.

From a galaxy far away,

Appearing as a humanoid gay.

Sent to explore your world,

From the distant future hurled.

My invasion is for seduction.

Perhaps you'll be my abduction.

I'm an alien colored blue.

I just may devour you!



Upon waking, I take my first stance,

My thought patterns seem in a trance.

Looking out the window is a vision.

Are we heading for a cosmic collision?

My mental picture is one of confusion,

Unable to separate fantasy from my illusion.


The Storm

A smile from his beautiful face,

Causes my tempestuous heart to race.

My body becomes a raging gale.

On his ocean I shall sail.

Roaring from inside comes a blast,

A blustering squall from my mast.


The Ocean

The surf is pounding the shore.

From the deep a loud roar.

A deadly virus in the tide.

And there's no where to hide.

The oceans current is strong.

So when hearing the siren song.

Stay home out of its path.

Or prepare to face its wrath.

Some it will spare & save.

While we all ride the wave.


Fear Not

What shall we do?

There's a dreadful flu.

Look to nature outside,

No creature will hide.

Birds and bees singing,

Under warm sun winging.

They live for today.

That is the way.

For Spring is here,

So what's to fear?


When The Day Is Done

Gone is another day.

Last words to say.

With hours 'til morning,

The mind starts mourning.

Come new rising sun,

Can we help anyone?

Simply making someone smile,

The day is worthwhile.

Tomorrow is another test,

So time to rest.


When Two Souls Collide

Friends talk a while.

Faces start to smile.

The foundation is laid.

A connection is made.

A bond so strong.

Like a favorite song,

You love very much.

Souls begin to touch.

Both feel music inside,

When two souls collide.


Keeping It Inside

I am learning more with each day,

To keep all my troubles locked away.

Throw the key into a deep lake.

It is more than I can take.

So I reach out to stay sane.

I don't want to cause others pain.

So now I will set them free.

It is best keeping it inside me.



His mortal name was Randy.

He ate too much candy.

Now one of the immortals.

Passing through the afterlife portals.

Possessed by the yummy foods.

Or was it hot dudes?

The devil's in his eyes,

Looking at those pumpkin pies


Seasons End

As autumn colors fade from vibrant hue,

The coming days feel sad and blue.

Once proud trees have turned into sticks.

Waiting until Spring to get their fix.

Still, there is some shining hope ahead.

So we do not need to dread.

Soon the colored lights of Christmas time,

Will inspire me to yet another rhyme.


Coming Out Day

Yay! It is another grand coming out day.

Yet, remember anytime it's okay to be gay.

Each and everyone deserves to follow their passion,

Not just today to follow the latest fashion.

Please only come out if you feel safe.

You don't want to become a street waif.

One day we won't have to come out.

I am who I am we will shout!

What do I know, I'm simply a weremonkey,

But today we all deserve to get spunky.


A Weremonkey's Lunch

Crunch! Crunch! Crunch! Crunch! Crunch! Crunch!

The weremonkey is having his lunch.

Out under the warm, midday sun.

Oh my, and what delicious fun!

Hunting for food in the park.

Many meals when it's not dark.

All you can eat. Don't waste!

Oh my, and such delicious taste.

Munching on mortal flesh while alive.

One, two, three, four perhaps five.

Who's next? You dare ask who?

Let me tell, it'll be you!



Tears sure are a funny thing,

They can make the eyes sting.

Flowing heavily when we are sad,

Healing us when we feel bad.

Flowing down when very happy inside,

When emotions you're trying to hide.

Welling up during a good deed,

For others that are in need.

Flowing when you hear someone sing.

Tears sure are a funny thing.


The Brain Is Different At Night

The brain is different at night.

When it's sleep that we fight.

Time doesn't seem real at all,

When our minds begin to fall.

Maybe it's the nights slow pace,

That causes our minds to race.

Music digs deeper into our soul,

Poking at each and every hole.

Words take on a new meaning,

From the intent which they're leaning.

Knowing we should get to bed,

Still there's a sense of dread.

First dreams can be a fright.

The brain is different at night.


For Ken

Yes, this birthday wish is quite early,

So you may think I'm being squirrely.

Yet, this is what I must do,

For few friends are kind like you.

As this monkey goes in its den.

Have a fun and happy birthday Ken.


Seasons End

Summer has come to an end.

Time to say goodbye old friend.

The woods where we once kissed,

Is now filled with cold mist.

A fog now fills my eyes,

Watching the season as it dies,

A fog also fills my mind,

Peace I can no longer find.

Time speeds by. No one's forgiven.

For tomorrow is not a given.

Wondering if I'll have another summer,

If not, then what a bummer.


Cut The Cord

The cord is cut.

A son soon arrives.

The pride and joy of the parents lives.

One day, his parents are quick to perturb.

Their son is kicked out to the curb.

They found out that their son is gay.

This shall not be. There is no way!

Not understanding he's still the same person inside.

Only now he simply has refused to hide.

Staring into his reflection on the knife blade.

The cord is cut. Another young life slayed.


My Absence Note

Back to school shopping time of year,

Has always been a time for cheer.

Brand new clothes, shoes and tie,

Never thought that I might die.

What I thought was a firecracker,

Was a machine gun with a tracker.

Hate and evil overtook his soul.

My life was soon added to the toll.

As my life flowed out onto the cold tiles,

So many others were dead around me in piles.

I was going to miss the first day of school.

How can this world be so cruel?

My crimson soaked fingertip began to scribble on my notebook,

To my killer, I was only twelve years old, this life that you took.

To my family and friends, I love you all a lot.

To my teacher, sorry I will miss class since I was shot.


Cloudy Day

Today is yet another day.

I wish my pain would go away.

All the constant news chatter,

Each passing day it gets sadder.

Some days the fog does not lift.

I can feel my mind start to drift.

Is it something in the food I eat?

Each passing day I feel more beat.

Perhaps if I try to stay safe inside.

Lock all the doors and simply hide.

I will avoid looking out the window pane.

For what I see outside may drive me insane.


Too Young

You are too young to do that today.

Kids are too young to have a say.

You want to build a rocket ship?

That is something you should skip.

When you are older then you can.

You must wait until you're a man.

Teens are too young to love or marry.

Then as an adult time flies by so fast it's scary.

Youthful dreams soon fade to black.

Time is something one never gets back.

Now the old man reflects in his easy chair.

Sir, why is it that you so despair?

I should have told them to bite their tongue.

When I was told I was too young.



We are free

In the tree

Above the ground

Making no sound

Not a peep

Ready for sleep

Under blankies huddling

Close together cuddling

You and me We are free



Marching the alley with feet bounding.

In stark contrast to the surrounding.

Steps presenting no fear and loud.

Strutting along brave and proud.

Singing out for all to hear.

I am glad to be queer.

Colors eroding away the bleak stone.

Always remember you are never alone.


Ode To A River

I once knew a mighty river,

Sparkling, clean water it would deliver.

I could swim there and play.

It teamed with life every day.

Heard a garbage truck's brakes pump.

Then my river became a dump.

The sad sight made me quiver.

I once knew a mighty river.



Broken does not always show.

Saying I'm okay meaning no.

Taken advantage of each day.

Must be a better way.

Holding my screams deep inside.

Then running away to hide.

Head in hands, tears growing.

Eyes red as blood flowing.

I shouldn't feel this low.

Broken does not always show.


Pride Month

What's pride month you ask?

LGBTQ awareness is our task.

Why a month only for us?

To end hate & disgust.

It's not all rainbows & fun.

To be accepted when done.

We're humans with the right,

To share love in the light.

June is our month of pride.

All are welcome.

Join the ride



Twitter is a mysterious place.

Shadows obscuring a blurry face.

We sometimes talk to ghosts.

They have answered our posts.

We have seen departed return.

Our attention they still yearn.

We feel so terribly used.

This monkey feels very confused.


Live Life

Slave away at work,

Usually for some jerk.

Slave to your stuff,

Don't make life tough.

Leave material things behind.

All things that bind.

Pack water and food.

Get a new attitude.

Hit the open ground.

Life can be found.


Fields Of Reflection

Walking in the field late tonight,

Damp, chilly air with a bite.

My warm breath cuts the air,

Into the unexplored woods I stare.

My life is really coming together.

I can get through any weather.

Everything a blessing, not a curse.

Could be better, could be worse.


For Johnny

Mirror, mirror hanging on the wall,

Who’s the fairest monkey of all?

It is you, my perfect love,

No one else can rise above.

My love, you are my pride,

Always standing right by my side.

All through life’s bad and good,

Right there you have always stood.

Keeping me safe from any harms,

Comfort found in your loving arms.

Together, forever in love we fall,

Mirrors, mirrors hanging on the wall.


When It's Over

When all has been said and done,

And words spoken are down to none.

Friends have stepped on each others toes,

My version of an old saying goes:

If you love someone, set them free.

Maybe it was never meant to be?


A Goodnight Poem

Goodnight friends.

Take care of one another.

I care for y'all like a brother.

I've a couple of things to tend,

as another day comes to an end.

Sleep will be overtaking my mind soon.

First it's time to touch the moon.


Changing With The Seasons

As one season begins and another ends,

Hold close all your family and friends.

Then step bravely into the newborn season.

Spreading your words of hope and reason.

Your love taking wings and flying away,

Into everyone's hearts where it can stay.


Challenge Warriors

Oh life, bring those tough challenges on!

One by one we'll knock 'em down.

Life can put up the highest wall.

We as friends will make it fall.

You and I together side by side.

Proud, strong into the sunset we ride!


Space Music

When you feel like an alien from outer space,

And feel like a misfit in most every place.

When you feel like you're from the planet Mars,

Crank up your music, a gift from the stars.

When you do this, you'll find your true space,

You will find a connection to your home base.



Fly far, far away from judgmental eyes,

Which have given me one million cries.

Fly light years from suffering and pain,

Filling our world like a runaway train.

Fly to where there's peace and hope.

Earth's at the end of it's rope.



We all need to reach higher.

Let our light become a fire.

We all must stay forever gold.

This way we'll never grow old.

Hold on to your true desire.

Stretch our souls and never tire.

Learn this lesson that I teach,

All things are within our reach.


A Body In Motion

Take the energy of this day,

To run and jump and play.

Always keep yourself in constant motion.

You'll stay strong as any ocean.

Rolling along like the mighty wave.

Fun memories of today to save.


For Flash

A wizard I am not.

I feel helpless a lot.

Not having a magic spell,

Can only wish you well.

Know you're loved so much,

By the friends you touch.


Locked Up

When cruel people put you down

And try to make you frown,

Place their opinions into a box.

Forget the contents, keep under locks.

Now, it's victory you have tasted.

Pity them for the time wasted.


The Key

The Key As this day comes to an end,

Tomorrow you have an invitation to attend.

The key to another day is here.

Hold the lessons of today's key near.

All daily keys are a building block,

Which shall help your future to unlock.


A Good Day

A good day for a book,

Or movie so take a look.

Perhaps hit up a good friend,

For on each other you depend.

Maybe sit comfy in the den,

Write a story with a pen.

All storms will come and go.

We're handling this like a pro.


Shower Power Prayer

May cares of the day

All get washed completely away.

Dirt along with the pain,

Slip quickly down the drain.

Flow out to the sea,

So I'm a new me!


A Weremonkeys Lament

As the moon nears full,

I'm feeling that familiar pull.

Tis time I must confess.

My sleep is much less.

My tummy twisted into knots.

My mind with wild thoughts.

A friend of the night is unknown to the light.

Tin Monkey

Feeling like a monkey made of tin.

Time to be thrown into the bin.

My springs & gears all hanging out.

Quite the sight I have no doubt.

A bit weary from my daily toil.

Could just be I need some oil.


Have been feeling insecure & uptight

but want to make it right.

I've been anxious & on edge

So to you I do pledge

To do my best to tolerate.

It's love I want never hate.

Light In The Dark

When some only wish to drag you down,

Smile and laugh and be a silly clown.

We get one life to play in the park.

So try to be the light in the dark.

Night Mirrors

When I close my eyes for sleep too early,

A mist covers me that is white & pearly.

That's when the beasts within my mind come out.

Many terrifying creatures with sharp claws, fangs & snout.

While my soul is away reporting the days bliss,

I scream please save me from all of this.

Ear Candy

My headphones are on tight,

listening to music so right.

Singing louder than I think,

someone next to me winks.

Yes, I'm singing you see.

You're the one for me.