My Surprise Party

Winter break had finally come and it was going to be Matthew and I spending New Year's at his friend’s lake cabin. It had been a while since the two of us got away from our parents and friends. We needed time alone together and this was the place to do it. My birthday happens to be on New Year's eve and this year I turn 19. Sure my folks are disappointed, but do I care, hell no. Not if it means that I get to cuddle up next to Matthew by a cozy fireplace, the two of us together, no doorbells, and no distractions. This is going to be the perfect birthday.

Sure, having friends around can be okay sometimes, but one on one time is needed too. One friend that was around a lot, in particular, is this girl Katie. She was one that I couldn't wait to be far away from. She hung around mostly guys and it bugged me that she spent so much time with Matthew. I accepted that they had been childhood friends since forever. I guess I should give her a break. After all, she is the reason I’m spending my birthday with Matthew alone. Man, I couldn’t wait to run my hands up and down that hot body of his. Happy birthday to me!

My cell rang and I slid my finger across the screen to answer. It was Matthew.

"Will, I’ll be over to pick you up in like 30 minutes, but I have something to tell you."

"Don’t worry about it. Hurry and get here soon. You can tell me then. I miss you," I replied.

"But I have something to tell you now..."

Right as he was about to say something the phone went dead. Dammit, the cell phone battery is dead. Man, is this a bad sign or what?

It was only 20 minutes when I heard Matthew's jeep pull up outside. Wow, he must be as excited as I am. I was all packed and ready to go and as I was about to open the door I noticed someone was sitting next to Matthew in his jeep. What this couldn’t be happening, Katie sitting next to my Matthew. What the hell was this? I tried to hide my frustrations the best that I could.

"Hey, Will what’s up?" Matthew said.

"Katie, what a surprise," I said in a sarcastic tone, hoping she and especially Matthew wouldn't notice.

"Oh don’t worry about me. I’m meeting a couple of friends at Timber Creek. It's 3 miles south of my folk’s cabin," Katie replied.

For a second, I thought my weekend was ruined. I couldn’t imagine anything worse than to have her there inside the cabin with us.

The road sign said Timber Creek ½ mile, next right. I said to myself it will only be a couple of minutes and Katie will be off with her friends and Matthew and I will be all by ourselves.

Matthew missed the turnoff and so immediately I told him to stop the vehicle.

Matthew said, "Will, we got cut off on the phone as I was gonna tell you. Umm, I didn’t want to tell you this, because I didn’t think you’d come up otherwise."

"What do you mean you didn’t want to tell me? I replied. "Katie, what the hell is he talking about?"

"Will, look if Katie didn’t come along we wouldn’t be able to get the cabin, okay."

I knew it, I said to myself. Nothing ever turns out the way I want it to.

So we pulled up next to the cabin to unload all our bags. Matthew was acting odd and it ticked me off at how nice he was being to Katie. I mean this was supposed to be “our” weekend alone and my birthday to top it off. I bet the moment I even make a romantic move on my lover, she’s gonna walk in and kill the moment. Why can’t she please go away and like get lost?

It was nearly midnight. I calmed myself down thinking that Matthew and I would have the rest of the weekend to have fun. I decided to climb into bed for the night while Matthew got his "friend" settled into the guest bedroom. Matthew should soon be by my side. Feeling tired from the stress of the day, I soon fell fast asleep.

I awoke to a feeling of emptiness in the bed and looked over at the alarm clock seeing it was nearly 2 a.m. Where was Matthew? I got out of bed and slowly opened the loft door and looked out. I noticed that the fire was still flickering as I could see its glow from my perch. Maybe Matthew forgot to put it out, but I could hear quiet voices from the porch outside. I climbed down the ladder from the loft and could see them sitting outside on the patio swing cuddled together. I tried to get closer without them noticing. I went as far as the kitchen window. I saw them together on the swing and they were holding hands. That bitch was holding Matthew’s hand. I could feel the jealousy taking over my entire body. How dare she touch my guy like that? I couldn’t bear to watch anymore as I was ready to jump out the window right after her. I couldn’t really hear a lot of what was said, so I quickly got my shoes on and put my shirt on and went out the front door, and snuck around to the back. As I got there I could hear her start to cry. This was getting stranger by the minute.

"Matthew, what am I going to do?" Katie asked. "I’m too young to have this baby."

I thought oh shit, who’s the daddy? Was it that guy Brad she used to date until he dumped her?

"Don’t worry Katie, everything is going to be fine. I’m going to help support you. I want to be there for you and the child."

I felt sick to my stomach. My boyfriend, my lover, my Matthew, did he mess around behind my back with this bitch? How could he do this to me? I thought. The guy is gay for crying out loud. He doesn’t have the slightest interest in females so I thought. I had to collect myself and relax.

"I mean it, Katie. I’m going to be there for you all the way," Matthew said.

"Thank you, Matthew," Kate replied as she hugged my boyfriend close.

I had enough. The two of them had been at it with each other and it grossed me out. I couldn’t let them know I knew what they had done together. I went back to bed as if nothing had happened and I waited and finally, Matthew came in about 15 minutes later. I pretended that I was sound asleep as I sure wasn’t in the mood for anything now. I shut my eyes and I felt his lips touch my cheek as he whispered I love you into my ear. I thought to myself, what kind of an idiot do you think I am.

I awoke to the rising sun from the east shining through the window. As I stretched, Matthew was not by my side. Oh well, he must have already taken a shower and have breakfast waiting for me downstairs like he usually does. I quickly took a shower and went down to have a look. Instead of a warm breakfast waiting and Matthew smiling his good morning smile, I got a note on the fridge that read:

Hey Will, we had to run a couple of errands. Should be back this afternoon.

Love, Matthew

Perfect. That’s great. That’s just fucking great. What the hell did those two need me around for? They probably went to the nearest nickel and dime hotel to get it on with each other.

I hate that bitch. She stole Matthew from me and now she gets him, his mind and his body. I hate her so much. I’m going to kill that bitch for what she’s done.

Afternoon came and went in the blink of an eye. Wow, I said to myself a birthday back home today would be more fun than this. I went back up to the loft and decided I’d leave rather than suffer any more heartbreak. I packed up all my belongings and headed for the downstairs closet to get my coat. As I opened the closet door, I noticed a very cool crossbow and arrows. I thought wow, a person could do quite a bit of damage with that. Then it dawned on me that I could get rid of that bitch with one shot. I mean, after all, she stole the love of my life.

I decided to unpack my stuff and stick around. Who says I’m not going to have a happy birthday today? I went to the garage adjacent to the cabin and opened the door to see what was inside. This was it, the perfect spot for it all to go down.

I stood behind some old, wooden barrels so they wouldn’t see me when they came in. I heard a vehicle approaching so it had to be them. The vehicle drove in and I was quite surprised that only Katie had returned. I set the crossbow down as she got out. She quickly got out, ran up to the cabin, and opened the door. I followed from a distance. I opened the door and heard Katie scream.

"Hey, its only me Will, don’t be afraid," I said calmly.

"Oh, Will you scared the living daylights out of me."

"I didn’t mean to Katie. I just got back myself."

"Hey, where is Matthew anyway? I got the note and he said you’d be back in the afternoon. It's almost 7 p.m."

"Oh Will, don’t worry Matthew’s in town."

"Where in town?"

"He’s at the Timber Creek Lodge."

"What’s he doing there."

"Well umm, ahh..."

I could tell by the tone in her voice that she was lying. The rage inside me finally exploded and I unleashed it all on Katie.

"Save it you bitch. I know everything, I know it all! So save it you pathetic whore. I know you’re pregnant with Matthew’s baby and it makes me sick that you would put your claim on my lover. Matthew and I had everything until you dug your filthy claws into him. Katie, you never should have come between Matthew and me and now you will pay!"

"What are you talking about, Will? You’re crazy. There’s nothing going on."

"I told you to save it."

"Look, Will, I don't know what you might be thinking, but..."

I turned my back and left. I went and grabbed the crossbow then I met Katie as she was coming out of the cabin.

"Leaving so soon are we?"

"Will, you’re scaring me, stop it."

"Oh, boo hoo. Poor Katie. I can understand why you want Matthew. You are crazy for him, right? Well, bitch, we all go a bit crazy when it comes to love. Now, I will prove that I am the craziest for Matthew! Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha!"

I smashed the crossbow over her head and knocked her out. Then I dragged her into the front seat of the jeep and tossed the crossbow, some arrows, and a couple of round target boards into the back seat. I hopped in the jeep and headed straight to Timber Creek Lodge. I had some more unfinished business to take care of.

Matthew must have been waiting for me as I pulled up. He looked worried as I got out.

He immediately went over to the seat where Katie was passed out and his jaw dropped.

"I knew it!" I screamed.

"Knew what?" Matthew asked.

"The first person you went to see was her! Anyway, it doesn’t matter. Nothing matters anymore."

"What on earth are you talking about? What is wrong with Katie?"

"Save it, Matthew. I know you are going to have a baby with Katie. Don’t try to deny it, you bastard. How could you mess around behind my back like that with that slut. I never cheated on you ever. You are both going to pay for your sins big time!"

"No, you’ve got it all wrong. I’m not the father. Brad is the father of Katie’s baby not me. I was just going to..."

I took the belt off my pants, whipping it around in the air then I began to circle behind Matthew and said, "Oh, I believe you all right. The thing that you don't know is that I heard you and Katie talking while you held hands on the porch swing. How you were going to be there for her. I heard everything. All of it!"

In a blind rage, I wrapped my belt around Matthew's throat and started strangling him. He tried to get words out, something about Brad and Katie before he passed out cold. The key card to room #7 that was in his hands slipped out and fell onto the snow.

I grabbed the key card then swiped to unlock the door of room #7. I dragged Matthew inside and laid him on the floor. I went back out to the jeep and got the crossbow, arrows, and targets bringing them inside the room and placing them against the wall. Then, I quickly dragged Katie inside in case anyone was watching.

Once all was inside, I shut the door. I took some rope and tied Matthew and Katie tightly to the crossbow targets. I patiently waited, with crossbow in hand, for Matthew and Katie to awaken. Boy, was I was going to give them both have a piece of my mind then I was gonna put an arrow bolt into their minds and end them.

Suddenly, the room door flew open and a group of people walked in yelling in unison "SURPRISE!" Then complete silence. They all had a look of horror on their faces when they saw Matthew and Katie pinned up on the crossbow targets. My folks, my sisters, all my friends from school were there along with Matthew’s parents. It was a surprise party for me. I looked up above the doorway and noticed the bright banner that I missed when setting up. It read HAPPY 19TH BIRTHDAY WILL!

Brad ran up to Katie who was stuck on the target. She was starting to wake up moaning in pain. The letter Brad was holding fell out of his grasp and dropped right in front of me. I could read part of it which read "Dear, Katie please forgive me. I was scared after I found out you were pregnant with my kid. I will never leave you and support you. I will be a proud dad." I then realized that Matthew was trying to help his friend Katie through a bad situation. Matthew also woke. He was trying to catch his breath as he looked over at me in disbelief.

What have I done? Oh God, What Have I Done?

The End