C.H.I.M.P.S.: Love Bites

Story and characters © January 20, 2019 by Joshua J. Weremonkey

In this flashback episode, after a Halloween party when the secret agents were younger, a friend goes missing. They go out in search of their friend only to find themselves in a bloody mess of trouble.

Characters in this story:

Jake Walker, secret agent

Jimmy Wolfe, secret agent

Joey Leake, secret agent, friend of Jake and Jimmy

Sean Somby, friend of Jake and Jimmy

Ryan Sharpe, teen turned vamp

Gregory, vampire

Ms. Laverna LaTroi

Jeremy, Ryan's friend

Donny, bully

Jason, bully

Chapter I

Ryan Sharp was walking home from a Halloween party. It was the first time he was invited to a party with mostly teens much older than himself. Ryan had a lot of fun and was remembering the party fondly as he walked. The pleasant smell of freshly fallen leaves filled the air as they crinkled under each of his footsteps on the wooded path. The moon was high and bright in the crisp autumn sky. Ryan always loved the night and this one had been the best one ever. His friend Jeremy had invited him to the party. He thought it was so awesome that a sixteen-year-old would even pay any attention to a thirteen-year-old like himself. Ryan really liked Jeremy in ways that he could not totally understand. All Ryan knew was he was glad to have a cool older friend.

Ryan enjoyed the solitude of the woods. Some boys would be scared to walk alone there at night but not Ryan. He knew this path like the back of his hand and it was the quickest way home. Suddenly, Ryan heard a rustle in the leaves. “Uh oh, someone is coming,” Ryan thought to himself. A low growl echoed from the darkness of the woods. Ryan now realized this was not a someone but a something. His young heart began to beat even faster with fear. Ryan looked around himself in a circle. A shiver went up along his spine as he noticed a pair of shining, red eyes in a thicket nearby. Ryan heard the growl again, more fierce and much closer this time.

Ryan turned and ran. Faster than he had ever run before, not heeding branches, shrubs or roots. “No, No!” This can’t be happening, Ryan thought to himself. He tripped and fell. A heavy paw latched onto his ankle sending one of his Nikes flying off high into the air. Ryan would have screamed but his vocal cords refused to obey their terrified master. A sharp claw from one of the creature’s paws snagged onto the leg of his jeans. Ryan frantically pulled at his still loose belt buckle, then his waistband. He cut his fingers trying to hold his jeans on by the zipper. He jerked forward as the beast tugged and was propelled flat on his face. His jeans pooled around his ankles. Ryan kicked them off and ran as he looked over his shoulder seeing the furry face of a wolf. A werewolf!

Ryan ran and ran until he could not run anymore. He bent over with his hands on his knees. His chest heaving in and out trying to catch his breath. His tattered shirt clung to his sweaty body.

Suddenly, a large furry paw slapped hard on the back of his neck. Ryan was catapulted several feet into the air. He landed solidly on the unforgiving forest floor shattering his shoulder for sure. Paralyzed with pain, fear, and exhaustion, he could only wait completely helpless.

The werewolf, on all fours, hovered over Ryan and sneered. One paw held him easily now, the furry back of the other paw rubbed across his tummy. It tickled and Ryan could not help but giggle. The werewolf clawed at the remains of Ryan’s shirt, tearing it off completely. “What is it doing? If it is going to kill me, why not get on with it?” Ryan thought to himself.

Suddenly, Ryan heard a strange flapping sound and the werewolf jumped off Ryan bolting back into the darkness of the woods. Ryan looked up and saw a most welcome sight. It was a teen about the same age as his friend Jeremy who like a knight in shining armor had come to save him. His hair was dark black as the night in striking contrast to his gleaming white teeth. His eyes pierced right into Ryan’s and it was impossible to look away.

“Don’t you know what happens to little boys who go off into the woods at night? They get eaten by big, bad wolves,” he said, “My name is Gregory. Let me help you up.”

Gregory helped Ryan up carefully. He knew without asking where Ryan was injured. It seemed odd to Ryan but he was glad Gregory was so nice.

“Can you walk alright?” Gregory asked, “You need come over to my house. We’ll take a look at your shoulder.”

“Thanks for saving me. I’m Ryan.”

“You are very lucky, I was out on my midnight stroll or you would have been well, dinner for that werewolf.”

Soon Ryan and Gregory came upon an immense, old stone building with iron fencing around it. It looked more like a castle than a house.

“Here we are!”

“Wow, I never knew this place was here and I hike here a lot. It is amazing.”

Ryan went inside with Gregory. It was even bigger than it looked from the outside. High ceilings with spacious ample rooms but it was icy cold and Ryan shivered.

“You can sit over there. I’ll be right back,” Gregory offered as he motioned to a sofa.

Ryan sat down in front of a beautiful stone fireplace. The warmth from the fire was wonderful. Ryan had never seen such a beautiful place. It was like something you would see on homes of the rich and famous show. Gregory wrapped a soft blanket around Ryan and sat down right beside him.

“Do you live here by yourself?” Ryan asked.

“No, I have friends that stay here too. None are here right at the moment but you can meet them later.” Gregory explained.

“No parents?”

“My parents travel a lot. Makes it quite nice actually,” Gregory replied as he poured some hot tea into a cup for Ryan. “Here this will warm you up. Plus it will help ease the pain in your shoulder.”

Gregory gazed deeply into Ryan’s eyes. It was as if Gregory was probing Ryan’s mind. He looked away when he noticed Ryan was squirming.

“Sorry, didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable. You remind me of someone I once knew,” Gregory explained while tracing his index finger over Ryan’s soft neck.

“That’s okay. I’m a little bit on edge tonight.” Ryan replied as he looked into Gregory’s mesmerizing eyes.

“I have something I want to tell you, Ryan. I’ll tell you,” Gregory said. “I really like you, a lot. I’m thinking you might like me too.”

Ryan shyly smiled and nodded his head up and down. The pain in his shoulder was only a memory now. Strangely it had disappeared completely not that Ryan was complaining. Gregory leaned over and cupped his hand over the back of Ryan’s head. He kissed him while gently stroking his soft hair. Ryan thought to himself, “I can’t believe my awesome luck. Almost wolf chow to making out with the hottest guy I ever have seen.”

Ryan was totally lost in the moment. Gregory traced his left index finger over Ryan’s chest while circling his right thumb around his belly button. Then unexpectantly, Gregory took his tongue out of Ryan’s mouth to gaze in his eyes once more. Ryan noticed a new, not so sweet look in Gregory’s eyes. Gregory opened his mouth to reveal a set of sharp, fanged teeth.

Ryan could not move. Gregory’s gaze had frozen him solid. He was completely helpless but it all seemed so right.

“Everything will be fine now Ryan,” Gregory explained. “You will never grow old and you will never die. I still appear as the sixteen-year-old I was when given this gift yet I am three hundred and sixty nine years old.”

Gregory kissed Ryan passionately then moved his lips to Ryan’s neck where his sharp fangs nicked open a throbbing vein. Oddly, the feeling was not painful for Ryan. Gregory wanted to continue this delicious feast but he also wanted to keep Ryan around. After all, it was lonely being a vampire.

Chapter II

Ryan awoke on the sofa after a strange nightmare. He was chasing after a boy in the woods only never to catch him. He desperately needed the boy for some reason. To feed an unfamiliar hunger. Ryan’s mouth was wet from drool. He had a dull ache in his head and a severe cramp in his tummy. Ryan doubled over and clutched his stomach. His memory came back in bits and pieces. The party. His walk in the woods. The werewolf. Meeting Gregory. Ryan moaned loudly in pain.

Gregory appeared and picked the blanket off the floor. He gently wrapped it around Ryan while handing him an antique bottle said, “Drink this. It will make your pain subside.”

“What have you done to me?” Ryan asked.

“I would never do anything to harm you. Things will be much better soon. I promise. Please drink this.” Gregory offered with a look impossible to resist.

Ryan took a small sip from the bottle and his pain was gone.

“What is this?” Ryan asked as he drank again.

“It is my essence. My blood.”

Ryan spat and screamed, “This is your blood?”

“I want you to be with me for all time. You must leave behind the mortal world. Being a vampire has so much to offer you.”

“A vam…pi..re?” Ryan stuttered, “I’m dead?”

“No not dead. You are immortal but you must feed.”

“Feed?” Ryan stammered, “Feed on people? No freakin’ way!”

“You must or the pain will return and become worse each time until, well you don’t want to experience such a thing,” Gregory continued. “Save the special ones. Special like you Ryan. Offer them what I did you, immortality. You will know when you come upon one.”

Ryan sat listening, jaw dropped but he could not help himself from taking another sip from the bottle of Gregory’s blood. It was impossible to resist. His attachment to Gregory was total.

“Here, that is enough drinking from the bottle. I refuse to nurse a baby vampire. We must go out. I will help you get your first, then your transformation will be complete.”


Ryan followed Gregory out into the night. “We must hurry. Nights are long this time of year but we don’t want to get caught at sunrise with our capes down.” Gregory snickered.

“What is that, a little vampire humor?” Ryan smiled.

Gregory grinned back and said, “You, my boy have watched “The Lost Boys” too many times.“

Ryan and Gregory saw a bonfire up ahead. “I sense fresh young meat. You will also sense this when you complete your cycle.” Gregory explained.

Gregory sensed correctly. Ryan saw three teenage boys next to the bonfire. They were staring into the fire as if the answer to their lives questions would appear in its flames. Hate and profanity-filled rap music blasted from their stereo polluting the night air. Two of the teens were bragging about their conquests.

“You know Nicole? Oh, bro she was so hot. She would not stop talking though. Yap! Yap! So I told her to shut the hell up and kiss me,” boasted Donny.

“Yeah sure, in your dreams bro.” His friend Jason teased.

“Screw you, queer. She wanted me.”

“Yeah, after she gave you directions haha.”

“Shut up bro! You wanted her too. You’re just jealous it was me getting action instead of you!”


“Seany, you would have, right Sean?”

Sean kept staring into the fire while munching on a cookie. He was not interested in joining in their disgusting conversation.

“Sean! Why aren’t you talking? Are you a faggot or something?”

“No way! I’m just a little wasted. It’s like I’m seeing some weird stuff in this fire.”

“Right! Watchin’ guys making out! That’s why you’re starin’ fag boy!”

“Piss off!”

“Faggot! Faggot!” Donny and Jason taunted Sean.

Donny and Jason jumped on top of Sean and start punching him. Donny slammed his fist hard into Sean’s gut. Sean doubled over and vomited his leftover cookies all over Donny’s pants.

“Oh, you gross fag! I’m gonna kill you!”

Right when Sean was about to get pummeled by his so-called friends, Gregory jumped out at Donny. He menacingly hissed with his fangs glaring. Donny stumbled backward and fell, splitting his head wide open against a rock. The rock was soon painted orange-red with his blood. Gregory then spun around, throttling Jason while sinking his fangs deep into his neck before he could scream. The teens blood flowed like a rapid stream down Gregory’s throat.

“Ahh, nothing tastes better than fresh young blood! You will come to love it when you taste for yourself, Ryan.” Gregory gleefully said while he finished his meal afterward tossing their bodies into the bonfire.

Sean, the teen Gregory left for Ryan, was sitting and shaking uncontrollably by the bonfire. He watched as his friends were being slaughtered. He was in total shock, frozen, and helpless.

“I can’t do it. Look at him Gregory, I just can’t,” cried Ryan.

“Then I will help you. You will have your first.”

“No Gregory, NO!” Ryan yelled.

Gregory glared at Sean. He could not have been more than thirteen if even that. Sean let out a weak whimper as Gregory kneeled down beside him. His chest was heaving in and out with sheer terror. Ryan kneeled down beside him also.

“I won’t hurt you. What’s your name?” Ryan asked. Gregory shook his head in shame but went along because of his love for Ryan.

Sean took one look at Ryan’s pointy fangs, shrieked then passed out cold. “See, you can’t be friends with the living. It is not proper.” Gregory said.

“Let’s take him home, Gregory please?” Ryan begged.

“Yes, good idea! You can feast on him there when he comes around.”

“No, not that. I want him to be one of us.”

“For Satan’s sake why? He is one of the common herd.” Gregory moaned.

“It’s a feeling I have. Trust me, Gregory, please. If you truly love me.” Ryan pleaded.

“Oh, bat vomit. Alright, but he is your responsibility,” Gregory scoffed. “Hope you are happy with your new puppy.”

Gregory in disgust, drew up his cape as his bat wings appeared. He flew off into the sky for home. Ryan easily picked up Sean in his arms. He was surprised at his new strength. “Maybe this vampire thing won’t be so bad after all.” Ryan thought to himself as he walked back to his new home in the pre-dawn sky.

Ryan used up all his strength carrying Sean back to the house. His tummy started to ache again. He grabbed for the bottle of Gregory’s blood. Gregory angrily slapped Ryan’s hand and demanded, “No, you must get your own. Make a kill!”

Ryan snarled at Gregory.

“I am only doing this for your own good,” Gregory explained. “You would not be weak. You would have flown back home like me if you feasted as I told you.”

“Whatever. I’m not going to kill this boy.” Ryan firmly stated his position.

Gregory took the bottle and disappeared down the hall. Ryan’s tummy ached more with each passing minute. He looked at the unconscious boy and drooled. “I can’t. I just can’t but oh, it hurts so much.” Ryan mumbled to himself.

Sean woke up and shouted at Ryan, “What the hell, get off me you fag!” Ryan looked up menacingly into Sean’s eyes. Ryan’s toothy grin brought back Sean’s memory and he soon realized who he was dealing with.

“Oh no!” Sean screamed.

“More like oh yes!” Ryan yelled back.

Ryan throttled Sean around his neck. Ryan pierced his canines into Sean’s neck. The crimson flow was unstoppable. The sparkle faded from Sean’s eyes as they stared into the nothing.

“I guess you won’t be calling anyone a fag again will you cookie boy,” Ryan screamed over Sean’s lifeless shell.

“Bravo, Bravo!” Gregory applauded while supervising over the scene.

“How does it feel Ryan? You are family! Congratulations!” Gregory patted Ryan on his shoulder.

The sweet, acrid taste of Sean’s blood was still moist on Ryan’s lips. Ryan never felt so powerful yet he felt wary. He had completed his transformation and there was no way home ever again.

Chapter III

Jake Walker and Jimmy Wolfe were walking home late from an amazing Halloween party at their friend Joey Leake’s house. They fell asleep on the couch together watching scary movies on Netflix. They were trying to rush home before dawn so they would not get into trouble.

Along the path, they saw their good friend Sean Somby being carried off into the night by a much smaller boy. It didn’t seem possible that the kid could be so strong as to do that. Suddenly, the boy carrying Sean vanished into the foggy night air.

“Jake, who was that carrying Sean?” Jimmy asked.

“It might be one of those jerks he has been hanging out with recently. They got him drunk and are trying to cover up what they did.” Jake replied.

“Maybe but it didn’t look like any of them. This was only a small kid. We better follow to make sure Sean is okay.”

“We are gonna catch hell for not being home but let’s text our moms to let them know we are okay. Say we are sleeping in at Joey’s house.”

“Definitely,” Jimmy agreed.

It was almost daylight. The last path they saw Sean being carried off on led to an abandoned mansion. At least it was considered abandoned. Some in town talked about the place all the time. They say it is haunted so few venture out there.

Soon they were up to the gates of the huge mansion. It looked in good shape for something abandoned but it had a very bad vibe.

“We can go in and look for Sean. If something inside tries anything, I’ll stake ‘em.” Jimmy boldly planned while sharpening the end of a piece of pine with his swiss army knife.

“You don’t really believe all those stories about this place do ya Jimmy?”

“Well, not really but will make a few stakes just in case.”

Jake and Jimmy bravely strolled up the stone walkway to the front door of the mansion. It was early morning now and the dense fog of the woods was burning off. The rays of the sun peeked through casting away the shadows on the ancient but creepy building.

“You think it’s safe now?” Jake asked.

“If there are any bloodsuckers inside, they are sound asleep by now. Let’s go in and stake ’em in their evil black hearts!” Jimmy laughed.

“Okay, Jimmy the vampire slayer, chill.” Jake laughed along with Jimmy to help lower their increasing tension.

They crept up to the door, opening it slowly, carefully. The door still squealed loudly on its weathered hinges.

“Man, why do all creepy houses have doors that squeak like this?” Jake commented rather loudly.

Jimmy put his right index finger across Jake’s mouth for him to hush then whispered, “I think I heard something”

The large entrance room was dim and shadowy. The large windows had shutters that kept the light of day out well. Still, they boldly continued on into the house in search of their friend Sean.

They entered one large room that appeared to be a galley. There were a wood burning stove and an enormous stainless steel refrigerator. Jimmy opened the door revealing the most ghastly of fare. There were several antique bottles which contained a crimson liquid.

“Oh, yuck!” Jimmy gasped. “Blood!” Jake swallowed hard but the lump in his throat remained.

They continued their search of the lair. They passed through a heavy swinging door which opened onto a spiraling stone staircase downwards. A sick stench now filled the air. The smell of death.

“This is nuts. We can’t do this,” Jake stated.

“We gotta, Sean may be down here,” Jimmy explained.

Jake followed close behind Jimmy as they crept down the stairwell. The sparse light made it very difficult to see anything. They finally reached the bottom and walked into a cozy cave-like room.

Jimmy’s eyes grew big as two large plates at an all you can eat buffet. Straight ahead were two ornate coffins, side by side. Jake and Jimmy’s blood ran cold as they began to shake. They both were speechless.

Jimmy gathered up the nerve to walk up to one of the coffins. He slowly opened the lid which also creaked as loud as an alarm. Jimmy boldly opened one eye and peeked inside. It was empty. The lid slipped out of his grasp and slammed back down. Bang!

“Oh, no!” Jimmy gasped.

Gregory swooped down from the ceiling where he had been hanging upside down asleep by his toes. “Who are you to invade my lair!” The vampire roared.

“And just what did you plan to do with these?” The vampire continued as he snatched the sharpened stakes from Jimmy’s grasp.

“No, no, nothing,” Jimmy stammered.

“I should drop the both of you in your tracks but I am a fair vampire. I have had my fill for the evening.” Gregory said as he licked his lips.

“Me too!” Another vampire in the darkness of the cave right behind Jake spoke while hovering over the lifeless body of their friend Sean.

“Oh my God! Another one lookout Jake!” Jimmy yelled to his friend.

“Oh no, you killed our friend!” Jake screamed.

“Killed? Bah! We only helped him awaken to a much better world, I assure you,” Gregory said. “Now get out of my sight before I put the bite on you!” Gregory flashed his pearly fangs, snapped his cape arm up and motioned with his pointy fingernails to the stairwell.

Jake could not agree more and hastily ran up the stairwell with Jimmy speeding close behind.

“Why did you let them go?” Ryan asked Gregory.

“Soon!” Gregory beamed, “Soon they shall be ours! For now, we must have our beauty sleep, my love.”


Ryan was awakened by the sound of four paws scampering on the cold, tile floor. He leaped out of the coffin bed and stood in his boxers trying to clear his eyes of sleepy seeds. Once he did, he saw two very familiar red eyes staring at him. Suddenly, a snout jabbed into his groin, sniffing.

“Oh my God, it’s that werewolf!” Ryan screamed, “Get away from me!”

Gregory arose from the other side of the king size coffin bed. He calmly walked over and patted the werewolf on the head.

“Take it, easy boy. He is one of us now. Not to mention the contents of those boxers are my dinner, not yours. Be off you silly beast!”

“Gregory, I cannot believe you. You knew that werewolf all along. You probably sent it out to fetch me from the woods.”

“Guilty as charged,” Gregory threw his arms up as if to surrender.

Ryan scowled at Gregory. He started to walk out the door when a woman in a black dress blocked his path. Her long, grey hair flowed almost to the floor and her face was wrinkled yet her eyes were piercing.

“Ryan, it is time for you to meet some of my housemates. You have met my pet werewolf, who by day is a filthy human who needs to be chained. Now I have the pleasure of introducing you to Ms. Laverna LaTroi. She protects this place day or night.”

“Pleased to meet you ma’am.”

Laverna did not reply. She judgingly looked Ryan up and down then continued walking.

“Umm, she’s not too friendly is she, Gregory?”

Laverna grabbed Ryan by the ear and said, “Look boy. I only tolerate you since Gregory gives me no choice in the matter. Do not speak to me unless spoken to.”

Laverna gazed down to where Sean’s body was laid to rot on the cold, hard floor.

“Gregory! Another body left for me to deal with? What have I told you?”

“Yes, Laverna I know. My apologies but you would have been so proud of Ryan. He dispatched the boy in short order.”

“Bah! Never mind, I will deal with this,” Laverna snapped as she held her hands over the body and began chanting. “Anima a corpore separatum. Create unus ex duobus.” (Separate corpse from soul. Create two from one.)

Gregory and Ryan watched as the spell was cast. Sean’s body became two bodies. A glowing orb of light rose from one of the Sean’s chest. It floated up and into a glass jar that Laverna held in her weathered, old hands.

“Resurgemus!” (Rise!) Laverna shouted as the second Sean stood up from the floor and slowly walked towards her. They both walked towards the door.

“Gregory, what is she doing? Is Sean alive?”

“Shhh, Ryan.”

Laverna gave both Gregory and Ryan a stern look. She then motioned to the werewolf while pointing at the remaining Sean still laying on the floor. Laverna left the room with the new Sean in tow. The werewolf quickly ran to his feast.

“No!” Ryan cried out, “Gregory do something!”

“That is not Sean. It is just a body,” Gregory said trying to comfort Ryan. “Come, let’s leave. You do not need to see this.”

Chapter IV

Jake and Jimmy could have reported what happened but who would believe them. They might even say they were responsible for their friends disappearance. There were signs posted all over town about their missing friend Sean and two other teens. They knew what must have happened to them too. Those signs brought back the reality of what happened. It was difficult to shake the sadness of losing their friend, so Jake and Jimmy pledged to each other not to bring up the subject again. They were fortunate to still have their skin.

Jake and Jimmy decided to go to the Fall Carnival at the amusement pier. They set their focus on having fun and living the lives they nearly lost. The joyous mixture of the sights, smells, and sounds of the Carnival were intoxicating. The old song “Everybody Have Fun Tonight” by Wang Chung was playing over the Carnival speakers, a favorite of Jake and Jimmy, so they sang along.

Jake started and with his best low voice and sang, “Everybody have fun tonight.”

Jimmy danced around being silly and sang out, “Everybody wang chung tonight.”

Soon both teens were giggling hysterically.

Jake and Jimmy rode on each of the rides at least twice. Jake wanted to try out the indoors waterslide into the wave pool again. That was his favorite. Jimmy stood above the twisting turns of the slide as if he were king of the world. That’s how Jake thought of Jimmy, his king of the world.

“C’mon Jake, let’s go down together!” Jimmy invited.

“Okay!“ Jake chirped as Jimmy sat on his lap. Jake held him tightly around his chest.

They flew down the curves of the slide tunnels and splashed together into the wave pool. The pool was busy that day with lots of people floating along with the small crests. It sometimes seemed like a human torso version of bumper cars but they loved every minute of it.

The day flew by like the fun ones always do. The lights of the rides and midway were glowing brightly filling the night air. They still had ample energy to burn all through the night but decided to eat first. They both chose their poison. Jake plopped down two slices of pepperoni pizza on the picnic table as his prey. Jimmy decided to go the sugar route and feasted on a piece of powdered fried dough.

After their satisfying meals, Jake and Jimmy played a few of games on the midway. The basketball hoop rim was just slightly larger than the ball itself and Jimmy knew that but it did not stop him from testing his skill. With ball in hand, muscles flexed, he took a shot. The ball banged off the taut rim. “Damn!”, Jimmy cussed. After several tries at a dollar a pop. Jimmy conceded even with the most generous offer of two games for the next dollar from the vendor. It was getting late and the pier was closing soon but Jake and Jimmy did not want their day of fun to end.

“Jake, let’s hide out and stay the night here.”

“Sure, that would be so cool!”

Jake and Jimmy found a clever hideout under the concert stage and watched as the gates were locked. They ventured out as soon as the coast was clear.

“This is awesome Jake!”

“It sure is Jimmy!”

They walked in back of a food vendor stand and noticed a stack of canned beer.

“Wow!” Jake said as he and Jimmy scored a couple of cans which were still cool.

They sat down on a concrete overhang to chill. They could see the waves of the ocean through the chain link fence while enjoying their beers. After a few beers, they felt totally relaxed. They talked about lots of stuff then it changed to something else.

“Jake, how are you and your girlfriend Becca getting along?”

“Could be better I guess, Jimmy.”

“Hope she treats you good.”

“We are kinda just friends right now. That’s all.”

“That’s cool,” Jimmy said as he looking around trying to think of something else to say.

Suddenly, the wind picked up and a shadowy figure appeared out of the darkness.

The shadowy figure then turned to Jake and Jimmy. “Let me introduce myself, I am Gregory and soon you shall meet my brother in blood Ryan,” Gregory said as he flashed an evil grin.

Ryan appeared out of the shadows as well and stood beside Gregory. Jake and Jimmy shook as they both turned into icy stone statues.

“Amusement parks are lovely. Of course, I find different amusements here than you do,” Gregory grinned. “What is your favorite ride boys?”

“Ah..h, wha..t?” Jimmy managed to squeak out.

“We must find a ride for you boys. Other than each other that is,” Gregory laughed. “That is why you are here correct?”

“No, we are going home, right Jake?”

“Yeah, right Jimmy, home.”

Gregory clutched onto Jimmy, then Ryan onto Jake. They were carried up into the dark sky.

“Air Gregory, first class, the only way to fly!” Gregory chuckled sinisterly.

Jake screamed looking down from high above the pier. Luckily, Jimmy passed out from terror so did not get to enjoy the horrid flight.

Gregory and Ryan flung the teens into seats on the Spider ride. The Spider was a ride that jerked its passengers up and down in a circle on spindly legs.

“Let’s buckle up. Safety first!”, Gregory instructed as he strapped Jimmy tightly into the seat brushing a pointy fingernail across his waist.

Ryan giggled at Gregory’s evil antics while he strapped Jake down in the seat next to Jimmy. Gregory leaped down into the control booth and threw the switch which moved the lever. The old, cranky Spider groaned into motion. This ride was not one of Jake and Jimmy’s favorites to begin with, now it looked as though it was going to be their last ride.

Gregory slid the lever across causing the Spider to spin at top speed. Ryan stood beside Gregory as they watched for five minutes, then ten. Jimmy’s face had turned pale and his tummy was churning. Jake’s was doing the same.

“Stop, please!” The teens pleaded in unison.

“I thought you boys liked these rides. All this is free of charge too. See what I get for being nice, Ryan?”

“Yes, they are such ungrateful little brats, Gregory.”

“All righty then, I’ll stop the ride you wusses,” Gregory snorted as he pulled the lever back snapping it off in his strong vampire grasp.

“Oopsy!” Gregory playfully said as he held the broken lever out for all to see.

The ride spun uncontrollably. Jake felt as if his flesh was about to depart from his bones. Soon, both Jake and Jimmy were passed out cold.

“Guess you boys have had enough riding for now,” Gregory said as he yanked the power wire out. The ride spun slowly to a halt. Gregory hovered over two passed out bodies.

“Let’s take these two home, Ryan.”

“What do you have planned for them?”

“Stuff and thangs,” Gregory laughed. “Actually we need them as living minions to guard us during the day while we sleep. We don’t need some stupid vampire hunter to come and spoil our slumber.”

“Yeah, the werewolves and zombies just don’t cut it anymore. They are nocturnal. How can we make them do our bidding?”

“I will make them an offer they cannot refuse!” Gregory grimaced sinisterly.


“Wakey! Wakey, boys!” Gregory shouted.

Jake and Jimmy awoke inside fortune teller Madam Laverna LaTroi’s carnival tent.

“Well, if it isn’t our two brave vampire killers,” Gregory snarled.

Suddenly, Laverna Latroi stormed into the room with zombie Sean. She yelled, “No more, Gregory! We are not going to have a harem of vampire children under my roof.”

“But, Laverna my dear, we, I need some new blood,” Gregory replied.

Laverna raised her eyebrow and scowled at Gregory, He quickly retreated to the far corner of the room. She placed her hand over Ryan’s heart and muttered, “Tu mortalis es et nunc.” (You are now mortal.)

“No!” Gregory screamed in agony.

Laverna walked over and took a glowing jar from her shelf. She opened the jar and the soul of Sean floated back into his body. She then turned to Jake and Jimmy placing each of her index fingers over their foreheads while muttering, “Obliviscatur.” (forget.) Jake, Jimmy, and Sean fell asleep, dropping to the floor. Laverna dragged each of the boys back outside of the tent to the carnival. Then, she came back inside, staring at Gregory.

“Take the boy Ryan back to the woods where you found him. Now, Gregory!” Gregory, in tears, left the room with Ryan in his arms.


On the way back to the woods, Gregory made a quick stop at his lair were his werewolf buddy was chewing the arm bone of Sean’s double.

“Well aren’t we having a nice little snack?” Gregory said as he whistled for the werewolf to come with him.

The werewolf dutifully followed Gregory out of their lair and out into the forest. Gregory kissed Ryan on the lips as he laid him down by an ancient oak tree.

“Farewell my love,” Gregory said as a rare tear slid down from his eye, “Now, werewolf stand guard and keep this boy safe until he wakes up.”

The werewolf nodded his head up and down accepting his new command. Gregory sighed deeply as he slowly walked away with his black vampire heart breaking into pieces. He knew it would be dawn soon but thoughts of letting the suns rays take him crossed his mind as he returned to his lair.

As the sun peeked over the trees of the forest, the werewolf transformed back into his human form. It was always a painful ordeal. One he was glad to have happen only once a month.

At the same time, Ryan awoke as if from a strange dream yet had no memory of what happened to him. He looked up to see his friend Jeremy smiling at him. “I wanted to talk to you some more after you left the party,” Jeremy explained, “So I followed you after the party but lost you on the path in the woods. I looked for you all night and was getting very worried. This morning I found you passed out under this tree here. I am sure glad you are okay, Ryan.”

Ryan stood up and threw his arms around Jeremy hugging him tight as he said, “Thank you, Jeremy. You’re the best,”

“Aww, thanks, Ryan. You are the best too. Now, let’s get home. It has been a long, hair-raising night for us both.”

The End